I’m originally from Orange County, California! I began studying ballet when I was five years old, when I followed my two older sisters to dance class…literally. Alongside my love for ballet, I discovered “theatre”, where I landed the coveted role of “Baby Jesus” in my church’s Christmas show.
Ballet Class (age 9)
Ballet Class (Age 9)
When I turned 13, I decided to pursue competitive cross-country and track. In my junior year of high school, I rediscovered the performing arts and transferred to Orange County High School of the Arts to study musical theatre at their conservatory.
Track and Field
Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to perform all over the United States and even internationally in Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan!
I currently reside in New York City with my incredibly gorgeous wife, Gabriella. Check out her website here: Gabriella Simmons!
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Gabriella and I
Outside of theatre, I love a great bean and cheese burrito! GO RAMS!